All Aboard Our Fleet

We are proud to support and be supported by our local partners.

We are very proud to offer an eco-friendly transportation option to our guests! Meghan, the founder of City Tours MKE, has been intentional about incorporating her personal desire to make a positive impact on the environment into the company. Enter our small fleet of emissions-free electric cruisers (sometimes referred to as “buggies” or “open-air golf carts” around town), are the perfect way to see Milwaukee for smaller groups. We have 5 cruisers, each of which can accommodate 5 people for a total of a 25-person cruiser-caravan!

Our cruisers (Global Electric Motorcars aka GEM) are fully electric passenger & utility vehicles that are engineered for premium comfort and long-lasting durability. Our cruisers are built from the ground up to offer a smooth, stable ride and zero emissions. Registered and street legal, our cruisers have a lower carbon footprint than a van, truck, or even a car. They are powered by Lithium batteries and can travel up to 25 mph (which coincidentally is also the perfect speed to see the city and capture photographs as you go). A full charge can last up to 9 hours which is perfect for most of our tours. But, if we happen to need a quick boost, Milwaukee has strategically-located SUPER chargers that keep us running.

We are proud to be at the forefront of changing tourism in a renewable way!

City Tours MKE Bus

FAQ’s About Our Fleet

Does City Tours MKE Use Cruisers in the Winter?

Actually, yes!  You’ve gotta be prepared for any kind of weather if you live in Wisconsin!  That’s the great thing about our cruisers – in the summer the doors come off and guests can enjoy an open-air ride.  In the colder/winter months, we install the doors and crank up the heat for the comfort of our guests.  The only time we don’t use them is under extreme weather conditions, like snowstorms. 

Are Your Cruisers Air-Conditioned?

We think of our eco-friendly cruisers as being “naturally conditioned”. The doors on all of our cruisers are fully removable, so in warmer months we take them off and create a comfortable flow of air while we travel.

Can I Rent A Cruiser?

Yes!  You can rent a cruiser for whatever you like around town, for an afternoon, an evening, or even a longer period of time.  Check out or contact us for more information.  Note that the cruisers are only rented WITH a City Tours driver. 

Can You Accommodate Large Groups?

Yes! We also have a 12-seat bus that will have you singing our praises; which is exactly why it’s equipped with onboard KARAOKE! Our air-conditioned bus also features a 32″ TV, Super Nintendo, and WII game consoles, and a few other surprises. For private groups larger than 12 people, we collaborate with partner companies to accommodate your needs. So – the sky’s the limit on group size!

We also have a new all-black party bus arriving June of 2022, so start planning those summer group trips!

Can I Advertise on the Side of a Cruiser?

Yes, and please!  Our unique cruisers always catch the eyes around town and we’re always moving so it’s a great way to reach a large audience quickly.  Check out  Advertising/Sponsorship’s for more information, or email us at