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City Tours MKE was initially launched in 2013

City Tours MKE launched in 2013, with our founder Meghan leading Milwaukee Haunted History Tours as a hobby. Enthusiasm for that tour grew quickly (our Milwaukee Haunted History City Tour remains one of our most popular experiences) as well as for more of what Milwaukee had to offer, which led to additional tour/event offerings to support the growing interest. 

Not long after that, we began to add staff; people who were as crazy about Milwaukee as Meghan, and were eager to show locals and visitors alike the many facets of this wonderful, diverse and eclectic city.  We invested in our first electric low speed cruiser back in 2018, and from there were well on our way to becoming a Milwaukee staple.

Our Milwaukee Tours and events showcase Milwaukee’s hidden gems and iconic attractions. Ranging from Milwaukee’s fantastic multicultural food destinations to our rich history in the brewery industry and current reputation for having some of the best microbreweries in the country, from our unique art and architecture scene to our wonderfully gritty dive bars where a PBR on tap never tasted so good, we explore the story of this amazing city!

We are dedicated to being as Eco-friendly as possible and always looking for new, innovative ways in which to further excel in that area.  We are proud that City Tours MKE is one of the only tour companies that uses emission-free electric cruisers!

Things are always changing and evolving within Milwaukee and as such, our many repeat customers always have new and exciting regular and seasonal options to choose from. Even for those who opt for the same favorite tour more than once, the experience is never the same.

Our passion is to make it easy for our guests to fall (just a little more) in love with Milwaukee by working out all the details and logistics for them in advance.  Join us soon for a tour, event, or activity.  All you need to do is show up ready for an adventure!

Our History

Originally from a small town in Southwestern, WI, Meghan moved to Milwaukee in 2005. She fell in love with the city and quickly saw that there was far more to Milwaukee than meets the eye.

She especially enjoyed that fact that while Milwaukee is the largest city in the state, it also has a small feel to it. You are “pretty much guaranteed to run into someone you know anytime you go out”!

The excitement of learning more about her new surroundings never really wore off and eventually translated to her wanting to show others all that Milwaukee had offer.

Meghan launched City Tours MKE in 2013 more as a hobby doing Haunted History Tours, but seeing the enthusiasm and interest of her guests for the city grow and expand, so did the business.

She loves to hear out-of-town guests say that they could see themselves living in Milwaukee as much as she loves watching locals have their eyes opened to a whole new Milwaukee that they had never really seen before!

Meghan’s small-town roots bring a certain “down home” feeling that trickles down through the City Tours MKE culture. When you tour with Meghan, you will quickly feel like you are with an old friend.

Meghan’s personal desire to be more eco-friendly is also deeply embedded within City Tours MKE, including the introduction of emissions-free electric cruisers which have been especially appreciated by her guests.

This passion began about 10 years ago when she gradually started to change her lifestyle by eating a more natural diet. This led her to explore other alternative ways she could make a bigger impact on the environment by being more “green” on a daily basis as part of a mission to do her part to protect the world we live in.

She is always looking for new ways to make City Tours MKE more efficient and friendly to the environment.

Meghan enjoys the Milwaukee nightlife, the great food scene and now, having a little one, exploring Milwaukee in a whole new light.

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